THE BEAUTY IN…Changing it up

Ok Spoiled Gals, let me tell you the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to change your hair. This doesn’t involve any scissors, chemicals, or new products. Switch your swoop.  That’s right, literally parting your hair in  a different place will give you just enough of a different look for someone to say “your hair looks great today!” but not think “what did she change?” It’s a subtle move that is low commitment and so simple. Most of my clients have a side they part their hair, maybe their hair naturally falls to that side, or has been trained to be parted on that particular side, I’m simply suggesting you part your hair on the opposite side or even in the center. The proof’s in the pudding, look at my friend Kim K… completely differently looks, all by switching her swoop!

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I’ve gotten a lot of feed back from my last post. I woke to a text this morning from girlfriend who I met (and still love, she was in my wedding even) while living at the beach “…we can love make up, spray tans, nice clothes etc…but at the end of the day it’s who you are inside…” if this isn’t the truth I don’t know what is! Also, it was brought to my attention that I was too vague about my sickness. I have Endometriosis- it’s not exactly fatal (can be in some cases) but changes your life. It also causes infertility, hence the reason we were told we wouldn’t have children. I’ll fill you in on ALL of the details next month fro Endo Awareness. Thanks for all of your support fellow Spoiled Gals and the few Spoiled Guys.            XxOo Spoiled Gal


FullSizeRender (5)Being as yesterday was MY birthday I decided to dedicate a post to, well myself. A very wise girlfriend suggested to me,  that I share more about myself with my readers. She said “share it all, the good the bad and the ugly, people want to read about someone they can relate to!” So, I thought what better time than today. I hope these tidbits are less boring to you than they seem to me, and maybe even inspiring or familiar to you. Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN…Birthdays”


toolsI wanted to do a quick and easy post about My Top 10 beauty tools  that can really make a difference in your morning routine.  All of these products will either improve the health of your skin/hair, help your over all look, or make things a little easier for you. I’ve tried and and love them all. *Click the picture to take you to the link to purchase.


1. Sally’s Beauty Supply Metal eyeliner/lip liner sharpener. You will get the sharpest point with no damage to the pencil. This is the only sharpener my liners touch!


2. Olivia Garden Ceramic & Ion Thermal Round Brush. Take half the work out of blowdrying your hair by using a ceramic brush. You will get smooth hair that dries faster and has more volume. This brush will literally last you a lifetime.


3. Duckbill Clips. The absolute best for sectioning hair when blow drying, keeping hair away during make up application, holding rollers..the list goes on. A staple for sure.


4. The Clarisconic. You’ll get sick of me talking about this and eventually buy one, I know it. As always, my hands down favorite tool of all time. Improved skin texture. Better absorption of products after use. Acne fighter. Great for sensitive skin. Increased circulation of skin (which equals more even skin tone) I could go on and on.


5. Eye lash curler. Not all lash curlers are created the same.  There are fancier curlers, but I always rely on this baby. The Tweezerman Pro Curler.


6. There is no comparison to how your foundation will look when you use this brush to apply. Your fingers, any foundation brush, sponge..not even the Beauty Blender can stand up to the The Sigma Flat Kabuki.sigmabrush

7. Dry Brush Mitt. This will give your skin softness, get a closer shave, improve circulation, helps with cellulite (really!) Stimulates lympahtic system, removes dead skin cells, and flushes toxins Trick: use BEFORE a shower (I use mine before every shower) a few times a week. You don’t want to do this in the water. Use light pressure and short brushing strokes from the bottom of your feet upward, and fingers inward.  I learned and have practiced this since beauty school, but it’s all over Pintrest now. You’ll love how you feel. drybrush

8. I’m *slightly* obsessed with cleaning my teeth…there could be worse things. This Phillips Sonicare gives an amazing clean feeling and the best part is…there is a UV sanitizer built in! I can’t live without this!toothbrush

9. The Brush Egg really helps get all the make up, oil, dirt and dust out of your make up brushes. Use with Dawn dish soap and you’ll have freshy-fresh, squeaky clean brushes in half the time of washing with only your hands.


10. I mentioned these in my last post, but after waxing 100’s and 100’s of brows, these are the only tweezers i’ll ever use. The Tweezerman Pointed tweezers let you get even the finest, shortest hair. They’re sharp but with a steady hand you’ll be amazed at the hair you were missing prior to these!



I can’t wait for you to try these tools. It’s hard really narrow down my favorite tools but I use each and everyone of these so regularly (most everyday), I knew you could benefit from them too! Happy Primping! XxOo Spoiled Gal

THE BEAUTY IN Waxing your eyebrows…

largerIf you payed any attention to Instagram, Snapchat, or the magazines lining the checkout stand at the grocery store you’ll know that having a beautiful set of perfectly manicured eyebrows was a huge beauty trend of 2015. Now that we are in 2016 i’d like to put it out there and say that that i’m ready for the overly big and structured brows to become a memory of the past. I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into these brows but I just don’t think they’re as universal as some gals try to make them. I think it’s important to find a shape that fits your face and work from there. If you’ve never had your eyebrows waxed before, you’ll be so amazed at how youthful, and put together you look after they’re waxed. And- if you do get your brows done you know how great they look when you leave the salon, but you also know the agony of keeping them up. SO… I decided to do a step by step tutorial on waxing YOUR OWN BROWS. You can do it, I promise! Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN Waxing your eyebrows…”


I’m so, so, so happy it’s Friday. This was a crazy week for my family, two days of going out of town for different family functions, the first week back to school for the kids, my littlest starting preschool and somehow the laundry has a vendetta against me,  i’m not sure i’ll ever get caught up! Aside from the laundry, everything was good, just busy! The laundry actually inspired my favorite of the week.    Continue reading “T.G.I.F FAVORITE OF THE WEEK…”

THE BEAUTY IN Resolution…

New-Year-Background-2016-25Happy New Year Spoiled Gals, I’m back!  For the past few weeks building up to January 1st I’ve been thinking, and thinking, and planning. What would my resolution(s) be for 2016. How did I do on my resolutions in 2015? Being the goal-oriented gal I am, I LOVE making New Year’s resolutions. I do it the old fashioned: way- write them down in list fashion, and happily cross them off as I achieve that goal. Maybe your not the kind to make a resolution. Or maybe you are but half way through they year throw in the towel. If you’re either of those kind of gals, I encourage you to start something new this year. Make a resolution. Be better. Do better. Feel better. Look better. Help more. Share more. Open up. Start a hobby. Stop smoking. Stop gossiping. Stop complaining. The list can go on and on but I think the key to making a resolution you will keep and feel gratified by, is by making a choice to work for it and choose something that you KNOW in your heart of hearts, is good for YOU. Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN Resolution…”

THE BEAUTY IN Playing Santa

stockingHappy holidays Spoiled Gals! The countdown is officially on and we have just 10 days left to get all of our online orders placed, last minute items picked up, and if you’re like so many others,  start and finish stuffing stockings! I got an early call from my girlfriend this morning requesting that I devote a post to stocking stuffers, what a great idea! No grocery store-checkout items on this list, this one’s for anyone who wants a lil’ luxury SO be sure to send this to your husband/boyfriend/dad/mom/best friend/sister and anyone else who might need a little help when it comes to filling up (to the brim!) stockings!  *the pictures at the bottom of the post will take you directly to the link!  Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN Playing Santa”

T.G.I.F Favorite of the week

I was wondering the aisles of Tarjay a couple days ago and as I passed the make up section something caught my eye. Like a crazy mom looking for the Tickle Me Elmo on Black Friday, I ran back to the L’oreal area (as if there was anyone else in the entire department!)and looked in awe at the new Exclusive collection. I don’t usually love myself in red lipstick, but if Blake Lively puts out her signature red, you buy it. You just do. I also had to have the Eva (as in Eva Mendes) Nude. Blake has a Nude as well but it was sold out at my Target, maybe you’ll get lucky and find it at yours! The colors are beautiful and Blake’s red is so flattering, you’ll love it too! XxOo Spoiled Gal

photo (67)


This week’s favorite is not something new, but something that everyone needs! This Sonia Kashuk brush from Tarjay, for the smokin’ price of $15.79 is like gold. It’s amazing! I’ve used this brush for the last few years and keep an extra in my kit to use on all of my brides. There is a variation of bristle length and texture that give great scalp stimulation (the real secret to healthy, shiny hair)  and it’s one of my favorite tools for backcombing and giving volume.  Pick one up this weekend, you’ll love it! XxOo SpoiledGal