T.G.I…Friday Favorite


Now that we are in mid-May, wedding season is in full effect. There was once a year that Kev and I went to 9 weddings in one summer. This year, so far, we only have two weddings scheduled but it’s still early! Along with the actual wedding comes the bridal shower. Generally people buy off the registry but I always like to do something a little different. I’ve found over the years, when doing hair and make up for brides that the “something blue” is usually the last thing the bride is able to find. Continue reading “T.G.I…Friday Favorite”

The Beauty in Perspective…

For the last two months  all I have been living and breathing is packing and unpacking and contractors and painters and furniture and deposits and late nights and fast food and a little bit of craziness. The reason: my husband and I bought a new house, yay! As exciting as it has been- I think…NO, I know, it’s also been equally exhausting! Moving is for the birds, and moving while 3 kids still need to go to school and their activities- well it’s pretty much insanity but we know the work and stress will be short lived and the glory will soon arise, just as soon as we can catch our breath! During the house buying and moving process I’ve had quite a few…moments. Some good, some informative, some awakening, some stressful and of course- some crazy! So excuse my choppy post, as I feel like I have so much to get out and my brain is moving much quicker than my fingers can type (also-much quicker than my mouth can talk lately, seems I can’t get a proper sentence out!) while I share one of my recent “moments.” Continue reading “The Beauty in Perspective…”

I miss you…

I  never meant to leave you this long. A week turned into a month and here I am feeling like I’ve completely neglected all my beauties who I’m sure are thirsting for the latest Spring Beauty Trends. The past month has been a little bit of a whirlwind and all of my free time (I use “free” very loosely) has been tied up in something exciting and a little exhausting and I can’t wait to tell you all about it…. next month 😉  Continue reading “I miss you…”

Monday Quick Tip…

teatreeIf you have a breakout, or feel one coming on here’s how to stop that little Devil from ruining your day.  After washing your face, take a q-tip and get it wet under the faucet, then add 2 drops of Tea Tree oil to the q-tip and dab your breakout.  The best time for this treatment is before bed.  When you wake the breakout will be gone or almost gone.  If it’s still lingering, repeat a second night.  I am not well versed in essential oils, this is just something I’ve used on my clients (and myself) for years.  I won’t lie to you- the smell is VERY ….outdoorsy but it works!  Bye breakouts!  XxOo Spoiled Gal

Monday Quick Tip…

heelsYou’re gonna LOOOVE me! Ok, this one is for shoes.  I grew up in a house where shoes where shined daily (no really- I made a killing in spare change for shining Dad’s shoes with polish and brushes and I loved doing it!) so I can appreciate a well-kept pair of shoes. If you’re unlike my OCD dad, who had a trunk full of every color wax and special buffing tools, this tip is for you.  For your patent leather heels and shoes, use a soft cloth and Windex to shine them right up! Your shoes will be the envy of mirrors everywhere.

XxOo Spoiled Gal


curlWhen a girlfriend of mine who has the most gorgeous, super long, thick, and ridiculously healthy hair told me about a hair product she loved, I knew I had to shout it from the roof tops.  Curly hair gals know the real struggle; the beautiful-natural- curls us strait haired girls lust over, often become frizzy and unruly. Enter this magic, great smelling curl defining serum. My girlfriend says “It’s so cheap, smells great and is honestly the best product I’ve found to smooth curls.” I’m telling you girls, she has tried it ALL and spares no expense to find the “best” for her curly hair, do yourself a favor and take her word for it, $7 well spent! . Here’s to happy, well-kept curly hair!

XxOo Spoiled Gal

ps- To everyone who sends me emails, FB messages, tags me on IG and those of you who i’m lucky enough to call my friend and text or call me with beauty products or tips that you know I would love or “just have to share” with me- I love you. It means so much to me that you all think of me and I LOVE passing along all the beauty goodness!

Monday Quick Tip…

jeansToday’s quick tip comes from a girlfriend of mine who was modeling her jeans for me after I did her hair for a Country themed fundraiser. It was too good not to share. She says:  If your jeans are too tight in just one area (waist, booty, legs) but fit everywhere else, do NOT size up. Instead, get the area that you need to be a *tiny* bit looser with warm water, then wear the jeans until they dry. They will be stretched in just the right place and fit perfectly! Nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans. XxOo Spoiled Gal

THE BEAUTY IN…Fixing your common beauty mistakes

There might be some beauty mistakes you’re making and don’t even realize.  They are easy to overlook but once fixed will greatly improve your beauty routine! Fix these mistakes immediately for best results! 😉

*as always, click the picture to take you directly to the link

Getting ready in the wrong light

It’s true, lighting can play a HUGE part of how your make up looks. How many times have you put on your make up only to get in the car and see that you need a complete do over? Here’s where things go wrong: Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN…Fixing your common beauty mistakes”