NYCA better title for this might be “the beauty part of traveling” but it just doesn’t have the same flow. My husband and I just got home from a trip to NYC, so I was inspired to write a post on my awesome packing skills (I really am super proud of my packing!)  I don’t travel a ton,  maybe 2-3 times a year and an overnight somewhere close to home another 2-3 times a year- but I have really gotten down, to a science, how to pack in a way that lends to looking my best while not at home. This might seem silly to some, but for those of you who do travel you might identify with me. How many times have you gotten to your destination and realized you forgot something? Or the lighting in the bathroom of the hotel is so terrible you say ‘forget it, I won’t see anyone I know, it doesn’t matter how my make-up looks.” Or, how your hair just never quite turns out “right” while away from home.  Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks and what I’ve found works best for what to pack and how to pack ALL of your goodies when traveling. It’s easy to look great and feel great while away from home, it just takes some extra time and planning.

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October is my favorite, favorite month.  Always has been.  I love the colors of October, not just on the changing trees, have you ever noticed how the entire fashion and make up color pallet changes from September to October? It would feel completely ridiculous to wear a plaid blanket scarf September 14th, regardless of the actual weather report, but fast forward exactly one month, to glorious October 14th and you are on trend with your cozy scarf, again, regardless of the actual temperature.

We are “suffering” a very hot October here in (too) Sunny California, and the consensus, from everyone I come in contact with, is “I’m over it, where is fall?!” I couldn’t agree more, so today I decided to have a “pretend fall day.”
*I say pretend because it is literally 89 degrees outside.  I FALLCOFFEE.made myself a little latte, put on my cozies, a fall blanket (as well as the air conditioner) and lusted over the beautiful fall inspired make up, hair and fashion trends while scrolling my Pintrest account.  From rich hunter green and wine colors, to golden taupe and neutrals, you can pair leopard shoes with ox blood pants and a floppy felt hat while wearing light make up and a bold lip or what about the vamp lips that everyone, yes everyone, looks beautiful in…does June afford you this opportunity? No, it’s all about my beloved October.

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