THE BEAUTY IN Playing Santa

stockingHappy holidays Spoiled Gals! The countdown is officially on and we have just 10 days left to get all of our online orders placed, last minute items picked up, and if you’re like so many others,  start and finish stuffing stockings! I got an early call from my girlfriend this morning requesting that I devote a post to stocking stuffers, what a great idea! No grocery store-checkout items on this list, this one’s for anyone who wants a lil’ luxury SO be sure to send this to your husband/boyfriend/dad/mom/best friend/sister and anyone else who might need a little help when it comes to filling up (to the brim!) stockings!  *the pictures at the bottom of the post will take you directly to the link!  Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN Playing Santa”

T.G.I.F Favorite of the week

I was wondering the aisles of Tarjay a couple days ago and as I passed the make up section something caught my eye. Like a crazy mom looking for the Tickle Me Elmo on Black Friday, I ran back to the L’oreal area (as if there was anyone else in the entire department!)and looked in awe at the new Exclusive collection. I don’t usually love myself in red lipstick, but if Blake Lively puts out her signature red, you buy it. You just do. I also had to have the Eva (as in Eva Mendes) Nude. Blake has a Nude as well but it was sold out at my Target, maybe you’ll get lucky and find it at yours! The colors are beautiful and Blake’s red is so flattering, you’ll love it too! XxOo Spoiled Gal

photo (67)


This week’s favorite is not something new, but something that everyone needs! This Sonia Kashuk brush from Tarjay, for the smokin’ price of $15.79 is like gold. It’s amazing! I’ve used this brush for the last few years and keep an extra in my kit to use on all of my brides. There is a variation of bristle length and texture that give great scalp stimulation (the real secret to healthy, shiny hair)  and it’s one of my favorite tools for backcombing and giving volume.  Pick one up this weekend, you’ll love it! XxOo SpoiledGal


THE BEAUTY IN Compliments

nicewordscomplimentI believe that we can change the world, slowly and surely by doing one thing: Giving out honest compliments.  Imagine if anytime you felt down you had someone pointing out your strengths, if ever you felt unattractive that strangers praised your features, if ever you thought you couldn’t get through a situation but you had a kind voice telling you how proud they were of you. Naturally, if you heard these compliments often enough you too would start to believe them, see yourself through someone else’s eyes, and train your brain to think differently about all the doubts you feel. If ten people paid ten other people compliments, and those ten paid another ten people compliments and so on and so on, consider how many people  might hold their head a little higher, smile a little brighter, try a little harder, be a little more patient, a little more happy, a little more giving.  The results could be endless if we could all just try.

Helping others feel good about themselves and building them up is part of who I am, it’s in my soul and comes very naturally to me, however, I know that this quality isn’t something that everyone is able to do so freely. There is no fault in not being someone who instantly thinks to tell a loved one they they are amazing, we all have strengths and weaknesses but I do think it’s something that can get easier over time and with practice. I know for lots of people, giving compliments almost feels uncomfortable. To these people, I say start where it feels safe. Here is a little challenge:  Try making a goal of giving one compliment a week to someone you are close to.  Then increase to twice a week, then branch out to someone you don’t know as well. You’re actions will become contagious. And for the veteran admirers, I challenge you to try complimenting strangers. Notice a child who is playing nicely with your child on the playground, compliment that child, and her mother, or for the woman in line at the market who has a beautiful scarf,  tell her you love it and that she looks great. Watch as these behaviors spread when WE make them habit. Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN Compliments”