Monday Quick Tip…

jeansToday’s quick tip comes from a girlfriend of mine who was modeling her jeans for me after I did her hair for a Country themed fundraiser. It was too good not to share. She says:  If your jeans are too tight in just one area (waist, booty, legs) but fit everywhere else, do NOT size up. Instead, get the area that you need to be a *tiny* bit looser with warm water, then wear the jeans until they dry. They will be stretched in just the right place and fit perfectly! Nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans. XxOo Spoiled Gal

THE BEAUTY IN…Fixing your common beauty mistakes

There might be some beauty mistakes you’re making and don’t even realize.  They are easy to overlook but once fixed will greatly improve your beauty routine! Fix these mistakes immediately for best results! 😉

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Getting ready in the wrong light

It’s true, lighting can play a HUGE part of how your make up looks. How many times have you put on your make up only to get in the car and see that you need a complete do over? Here’s where things go wrong: Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN…Fixing your common beauty mistakes”

T.G.I Saturday…..

I’ve been slacking a little on my Friday Favorites..but for good reason. I can’t bring myself to tell you to go try something that I don’t absolutely love, so I figured i’d take a break until I found something worthy. I found it, macadamiaand you HAVE TO get it!  The Macadamia Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner is over the top amazing.  This product takes the place of shampoo, AND conditioner, cuts on blow dry time and is paraben/sulfate free. Here’s how it works-  it comes out almost like a dense mousse, you apply to your wet scalp and massage through your hair. You can feel the foam cutting through the oil in your scalp.  Treating your ends last you leave on for 5-10 mins and wash out. After you blow dry your hair will have so much volume and feel strong! There are other similar products out there, but this is by far the easiest to use.  Happy Saturday…

XxOo Spoiled Gal

THE BEAUTY IN…Changing it up

Ok Spoiled Gals, let me tell you the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to change your hair. This doesn’t involve any scissors, chemicals, or new products. Switch your swoop.  That’s right, literally parting your hair in  a different place will give you just enough of a different look for someone to say “your hair looks great today!” but not think “what did she change?” It’s a subtle move that is low commitment and so simple. Most of my clients have a side they part their hair, maybe their hair naturally falls to that side, or has been trained to be parted on that particular side, I’m simply suggesting you part your hair on the opposite side or even in the center. The proof’s in the pudding, look at my friend Kim K… completely differently looks, all by switching her swoop!

KIMKSIDEPART                                  KIMKMIDDLE Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN…Changing it up”


I’ve gotten a lot of feed back from my last post. I woke to a text this morning from girlfriend who I met (and still love, she was in my wedding even) while living at the beach “…we can love make up, spray tans, nice clothes etc…but at the end of the day it’s who you are inside…” if this isn’t the truth I don’t know what is! Also, it was brought to my attention that I was too vague about my sickness. I have Endometriosis- it’s not exactly fatal (can be in some cases) but changes your life. It also causes infertility, hence the reason we were told we wouldn’t have children. I’ll fill you in on ALL of the details next month fro Endo Awareness. Thanks for all of your support fellow Spoiled Gals and the few Spoiled Guys.            XxOo Spoiled Gal


FullSizeRender (5)Being as yesterday was MY birthday I decided to dedicate a post to, well myself. A very wise girlfriend suggested to me,  that I share more about myself with my readers. She said “share it all, the good the bad and the ugly, people want to read about someone they can relate to!” So, I thought what better time than today. I hope these tidbits are less boring to you than they seem to me, and maybe even inspiring or familiar to you. Continue reading “THE BEAUTY IN…Birthdays”