The Beauty in Travel, Part Deux…

St.Regis_It’s hot and it’s hazy. Why can’t I be sunning by the pool of a beautiful resort while my kids play happily and the waiter brings Kev a cold Corona and the waves are crashing in the background? I am currently in the middle of an unintended “staycation,” reminding myself that if I want that pretty chandelier for my dining room I mustn’t cry over the tropical vacation I am not on!  Chandelier Chandelier Chandelier.  I do, however have some friends and readers who are going on vacation and have recently asked me for my tips. Here goes.   Continue reading “The Beauty in Travel, Part Deux…”

Monday Quick Tip…

If you’ve ever noticed that your hair is dry after swimming, if you plan on swimming or going on vacation or splashing in the ocean, today’s tip is for you!  When you get your hair wet in the pool or ocean, the chlorine/salt will quickly absorb into your strands leaving them filled with drying agents that, over time, will make your hair brittle and weak. *and potentially green.  I have a solution for you ! Think of your hair as a towel. If a towel is dry and you submerge it into water, it will quickly absorb the water and become wet. Now, if the towel is already wet, prior to submerging it into water it won’t be able to take in as much moisture once dunked. The same goes for your hair. Try spritzing your hair with a spray bottle of water BEFORE getting into the pool/ocean. For further lorealoilprotection, if your hair is weathering chemicals or sea salt for more than one day in a row, or if you already have dry hair, spritz your hair with hair oil (this L’oreal one is a favorite, I use it regularly on my kid’s hair before they swim) before getting into the water. The oil will be a barrier to your hair and keep your strands from absorbing as much water.  Happy Monday! XxOo- Spoiled Gal


I wanted to let you in on something I learned! I saw my mother in law on the 4th of July and she is ALWAYS so complimentary of my blog. She told me she reads it regularly and said she felt almost like a celebrity to be mentioned, I LOVE THAT! About the French Manicure… GUESS WHAT….I was wrong! She doesn’t get a French she gets what’s called an American Manicure! It’s more natural looking than the stark white vs nude we know as a French Manicure. Maybe that’s why I love it on her! When I worked at a salon a long time ago I would often sub in for the manicurist. Our salon didn’t offer acrylic nails (and Gel Nails were 8 years in the future) so it wasn’t very common for someone to ask for a French Manicure but they did often ask for a French Pedicure. I was totally doing it wrong!!! I was giving them an American Pedicure and didn’t know. I was, however, super good at getting all the gross stuff out of peoples toes…just sayin.

You now have my permission to get an American Manicure. But still, no French 😉 XxOo- Spoiled Gal

The Beauty in Summer Make up…

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One summer, in what seems like a lifetime ago I dated a boy who had a boat. Every weekend that summer, and often during the week, we would call our friends, load up the ice chest and go out to the lake. At the time I taught swim lessons from my parents pool and when my students were done for the day (I strategically scheduled them very early so I would be off by 10am) my friends and I would meet my boyfriend and his friends at the dock and stay out all day on the water.  This meant a few things. No.1 I had a beautiful golden brown tan. No.2. My make up had to last all day And  3. I would had just enough cash for Starbucks on the way to the dock (surely he didn’t expect me to fill the ice chest or chip in for food/gas/dock fees? Oops-maybe he did.) You could guess I was the girl who wore make up to the lake. I also curled my hair (or wore it in my signature “updo”) and often I was in wedges rather than flip flops. Painting the picture…you know I can’t tell a short story. Back to my make up- in order to achieve a fresh face from dawn to dusk I had to figure out some tricks. Here’s what I’ve found to work best in keeping my make up (as well as my brides who need their make up to stay put and cry/sweat proof) fresh and summer proof! Continue reading “The Beauty in Summer Make up…”