T.G.I…Friday Favorite

SHELLToday I was thinking about the make up I’ve worn over the years. Then I started to think what my Friday Favorite would have been years ago…at the very same time, while I was driving, my gas light came on. Grrr. Instantly my vintage Friday Favorite popped into my mind. The Shell Station on Montalban St. in San Luis Obispo. Let me tell you why. FULL.SERVICE.FILL UP. I’d pull my Silver Honda Civic in, completely ignoring the extra charge, Brandon the gas boy, would come out fill my tank and wash my window and I would drive away. Ahh. I miss you Brandon, wherever you are and Full Service Gas, you were a luxury I didn’t appreciate enough!

Back to reality, and my current Friday Favorite!

GLAMI was at Sephora this past weekend with my future sister-in-law and decided to try a new cleanser. GLAMglow Youth Cleanse. I have used this pretty packaged product for a week now and I can dramatically tell a difference in the overall appearance of my skin. Aside from fine lines, my biggest skin concern is dullness. This product has truly made a difference in the texture and glow of my skin! It’s different than other cleansers in that it comes out as almost a mud but once worked into your skin transforms into a foam. It completely removes my make up, and has ingredients that exfoliate at the same time as cleansing. The ingredients boast: ground ginkgo biloba, green tea leaf, sea clay and omega 3. If you have normal, combo or oily skin you’ll love it too!

Can’t wait for you to try, you know I wouldn’t share if I didn’t LOVE LOVE LOVE the results! ¬† XxOo Spoiled Gal

p.s.  Amazon sells this baby for $10 less than Sephora, click the picture to send you straight to the link!


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