TUESDAY Quick Tip…

I know i’m a day late but Tuesday Quick Tip has a nice ring to it!  Today’s tip isn’t exactly new. If you follow my Instagram feed (SpoiledGalBeauty) then this tip will be a repeat but it’s definitely worth over sharing!

Remember that song : “I know a girl who thinks of ghosts She’ll make ya breakfast she’ll make ya toast But she don’t use butter And she don’t use cheese She don’t use jelly Or any of these She uses Vaseline Vaseline”  

vaseline1993 and every time I heard that song come on the local radio station B93.1 i’d think of my Great Aunt Gertie. My Great Aunt Gertie was a lot of things, God rest her soul, and while I could write an entire post on her personality I’ll instead share her best beauty secret. Even her late 70’s and early 80’s Aunt Gertie had beautiful skin. The wrinkles she did have were only fine lines and the texture of her skin smooth and soft. She did like fancy make up and creams but for removing her make up (which she did every night…big no no to sleep in make up!) she only used one product which you can get at the drug store for around $2. Vaseline. She taught me to take my make up off using a cotton ball and Vaseline. It’s a great trick! Your mascara and even waterproof eyeliner will completely come off without damaging the tissue-thin skin around your eyes.

Another trick, which I also do religiously is condition my eye brows and lashes with Vaseline. After taking my make up off with Vaseline and then continuing with my beauty routine and getting in bed, I’ll use a tiny bit of this magic potion and, with my fingers apply, to my eye lashes, eyebrows and lips. Just like your hair needs conditioning, you’ll help to prevent breakage in your lashes as well as give them a barrier from your pillow (all the tossing and turning is so rough on your face!) My favorite is the Vaseline with Coco Butter!

Say Good Bye $19 Clinique remover! *I know that’s every ones favorite! Hello Vaseline!

XxOo Spoiled Gal

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