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Today’s tip isn’t about beauty or hair but it’s something EVERYONE should know. One of my many amazing neighbors is a firefighter/parametric. He and his wife have 4 sweet kids that we adore. This weekend I was out front when he got home from his work week and we started chatting about how it’s hard disconnecting yourself between work and home especially after some of the traumatic calls he goes on. Without giving me too many details he told me a story about a call he had went on, then he gave me the advice I have to share with you.

Insta-Raised-Bed-with-Never-Flat-Pump-300x300NEVER use a blow up mattress for children to sleep on. Camping, sleep overs- don’t do it. Here’s why: the air mattresses often leak air. The leak may be very slow and not noticeable but over the time, during the night, the leak can become fatal. If your children are asleep, and sleeping hard (like my kids do!) their bodies don’t have the “danger” intuition that adults have to wake up, they will sleep through the deflating air mattress and it can literally suffocate them.  The call my neighbor went on involved a 10 year old boy, this isn’t just a threat for very small children.

I think this was so scary to me because I personally HAVE let my kids sleep on a “really good” air mattress in the past. I also, myself,  have slept on air mattresses and woke up in the morning to a completely deflated bed.

Play it safe, throw out your air mattress!  Next post will be fun, promise!

XxOo Spoiled Gal

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