The Beauty in Holiday Decor…

It’s been a while. Somehow, my beloved October breezed by with only a couple post. If it’s the thought that counts, here’s what I meant to post about. My love for fall and October. My anniversary (9 years- we went horseback riding, it was so relaxing) and DIY Halloween costumes. There, that catches me up!  My mind, heart and calendar have been so full the last month. I’m looking forward to sharing what’s been keeping me so busy, aside from my 3 crazy-daisy-cute babes, but I’m not ready to give out all the details yet (have to keep you on your toes.) Here are a couple teasers- I had the privilege of interviewing for a book by a prestigious author, my husband and I both were able to observe a major surgery IN the operating room, AND I worked my last wedding. What a month.

This weekend we took pictures for our Christmas cards. I wanted to get a couple shots of the kids on the front porch so up went (some) of the Christmas décor. I did a little DIY and it turned out pretty cute so I wanted to share! ** My neighbor was so cute, last night he walked by and said “someone is an eager beaver” I promised him I wasn’t nuts, just needed a faux-December backdrop for our picture 😉


FIRST- We had a ton of the fake pre-lit garland but it looked so…fake once I put it up, so I got crafty. I picked a bunch of magnolia leaves from the tree in our back yard and since everything  is better metallic, spray painted about half of them silver. Then I used floral wire to bind together 3 leaves. I attached the trios randomly to the existing garland.


SECOND- I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had seen the large plastic Christmas ornaments out anywhere. I kid you not, I got countless messages and texts with pictures of where I could get the ornaments. It was so sweet. I ended up finding the one’s I used at The Dollar Tree. In case you don’t already know, I’m fancy-frugal. Using twine and thumb tacks I pinned them to the roof entry way of our porch.


THIRD- I went to Lowes and found the most wintry plants I could to put in the urns flanking both the front door as well as the front steps.  I asked my mom to plant them, lucky for me she did! I had bought metallic (it’s the theme of our house, my life etc) picks as well at the dollar store and my mom put those along with silver spray painted Pine Cones and trimmings from a pine tree into the urn. They turned out oh so Martha, thanks Mom.

img_1281 img_1284

LASTLY- I bought all different sizes of Christmas ornaments as well as a round branch-like wreath and glue glue glued the ornaments onto the wreath.


I put out a couple nut crackers we had and it was just enough to doll up the house for Christmas cards. The weekend after Thanksgiving I’ll finish the front of the house and start the inside (yay!)

Early for Christmas, I know, but if you’re like me and already planning for December try some of my DIYs!

Now go raid the dollar store! 😉

XxOo Spoiled Gal

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