The Beauty in… My FAAVVVOOORRIITE Things!

I’ve had quite a few request for a return, since I aim to please, here I am! It’s been a little over a year since my last post; that break felt good, however I do miss sharing my beauty tips. Last April I broke up with all social media outlets. Our relationship was all take, very little give, so I said good-bye and haven’t regretted the decision. However, if you subscribe to my blog, feel free to share my post on your social media. If you don’t subscribe, no pressure, but since I won’t be promoting my blog on any other platform, you’ll miss out!

Now, to the good stuff.   It’s a well known secret that I love, love, LOVE, Oprah. I’m sure I’ve mentioned sometime on my blog how amazing I think she is and how even in college I would schedule my classes around her 4:00 show (TiVo was just out and not something my roommates and I had on our 13″ TV.) December was an especially exciting month for avid Oprah watchers, we waited in anticipation for her Favorite Things show. You remember, it’s the one where Uggs became famous, and where the new (2011) VW Beetle made it’s appearance. My girlfriend and I would get so, so excited for that show. We’d call each other to make sure the other was watching, then after, we’d call for a recap of our favorite, Favorite Things. Recently, I was missing the build up for the show and had an “ah ha” moment, i’ll recreate the excitement with my own favorite things!  If you are needing a Christmas gift for a girlfriend, sister, sister-in-law, mom, aunt …anyone you love and want to spoil, try my new tradition!

(Oprah’s 2017 Favorite Things!)

I decided to make up baskets for a few girlfriends and my mom. My favorite things are much (much) less extravagant than O’s, but none the less, fun. I started my list with things I use everyday. These items would be boring if they were given alone (dental floss, hand sanitizer, you get it) but, packaged with lots of goodies and presented in a pretty basket, they worked. After I put in the items I use daily, I added some pretties I have to have around my house. Think cocktail napkins and candles. Finally some personal items I thought the girls would love as much as I do – eye liner, CDs (old school style-burnt by my sweet husband) and hand cream. I didn’t manage to get a picture of my baskets wrapped, which is a shame because they were pretty cute! To give you an idea, I put the baskets in cellophane with a gold bow and attached my list, which was printed on leopard card-stock. It’s my opinion that these little details are what make gifts memorable.

Nothing from my list was expensive, in fact, each basket cost me less that $20 total. The baskets were from The Dollar Tree (I spray painted them gold, because everything is better gold!) the lemons were from my tree, the multi-purpose cleaner I made… you just have to get a little creative. So many people stress about what to get other for Christmas, or worse, that they have to spend a certain amount. Personally, I always enjoy receiving a  thoughtful $5 gift over a obligated $50 gift. Right? Something to think about!

It’s super easy to get carried away with adding goodies. You could do a much smaller/simpler version of this and put together 5 of your favorite things in a cute bag. I really thought I was a genius with this idea, until I got on Pintrest. Turns out, there are quite a few of us out there. Next year, i’m going to have a Favorite Things Party, doesn’t that sound so fun!?

Here is the list of My Favorite Things (and the tag which I included with my baskets) feel free to copy and edit for your own baskets!

2017 Favorite Things Official list

  1. Pellegrino, isn’t it nice to offer guest sparking or flat water?
  2. Lemons! Especially when squeezed into Pellegrino
  3. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer
  4. Pretty Tissues
  5. Lady Tweezers
  6. Stationary, I love mail!
  7. Glade’ Vanilla Candle, beats out any fancy fragrance!
  8. Original Carmex
  9. CAUDALIE Hand Cream
  10. Downy Scent beads, add to the wash cycle
  11. CDs! I love love love CDs! The new Taylor is SO good
  12. Glasses wipes
  13. Straws, sip on!
  14. All Natural Multipurpose Cleaner
  15. Pretty Cocktail Napkins, always have to have them
  16. Old-Fashioned Claw for being comfy at home
  17. e.l.f Waterproof Black Eyeliner
  18.  Waxed Dental Floss

*in case you’re wondering, like my girlfriend was, the Lady Tweezers are little tweezers shaped like ladies! Not specific to lady parts. hehe.

This little catch up was nice, maybe i’ll do it again!

Until next time,

-XxOo Spoiled Gal

ps- a better kept secret, until now, is that Ms.Winfrey and I have 1 degree of separation.  I’m TOTALLY bragging. I get regular updates from this special person on O’s life and all of her star friends (even my Julia!) and I EAT IT UP!

pss- I browsed my archives a little, it’s been just over two years but, one of my favorite past-blogs I’ve written is The Beauty In Compliments, take a look if you’ve missed me 😉

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