Merry Christmas…

Tomorrow and Monday will be over before we know it, so I wanted to put out a quick little love note to all of my Spoiled Gals.

This year, remember to take pictures of everyone, not just the kids. People get older quicker than we realize and someday you’ll be thankful to have pictures with Grandma and Grandpa.

This year, say “yes”. Yes to the kids staying up a few minutes late, even though you know they’re beyond tired and need to get to bed so Santa can come. Yes to the dress you bought but aren’t sure you want to wear, sure jeans are more comfy but you can wear them the rest of the year. Yes to the invitation from friends to get together for New Years despite the traffic/kids/lack of energy -it’s a few hours of your life that you’re sure to enjoy.  There will always be a reason not to do things, sometimes we need to remember to just say “yes.”

This year, go the extra mile. I know you’re tired, there’s no time, and you don’t think anyone will notice. But here’s the thing: you can catch up on sleep December 26th, I promise you can find a few extra minutes, and there will be someone who will appreciate your extra effort. Paint your nails red, put the cookies on glass instead of a paper plate, little things.

I’m wishing you all the happiest Christmas!

Xx Spoiled Gal

ps-  We got a new puppy, Beau! Santa stopped by our house last week, so I had to have a picture. Harlow, our 10 year old Long Haired Chihuahua isn’t as excited about the puppy as my kids are, but she’ll get there…I hope!

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