T.G.I.Friday Favorite…

I have some Friday Favorites to catch up on so today is a double feature!

I tried this Not Your Mother’s Double Take  Dry Finish Texture spray about a month ago. It’s different than dry shampoo, in that you spray at your root then lightly down your hair. It gives your hair texture to create the pretty/messy waves that are so popular. The texture spray adds grip so that, when you curl your hair, your curls don’t blend together. It also adds volume and gives a piecey look. My hair is pretty fine but it would be great for full hair as well!

I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend stop by who agreed to be my hair model so you could see the effect of this magic potion. Her hair is naturally fine and doesn’t hold curl well. It took me 5 mins, and lasted her all day.


My next Friday Favorite is a Christmas Memory book. I found this one at TJ Maxx. I love this book because it’s 25 pages long, that means 25 Christmas memories to look through over the years. I also loved this one because it was short and sweet. The book has three areas to fill out and a space for a picture. Just enough to capture your Christmas but not daunting enough so that you put it off and don’t ever do it. Order one now, before you pack away your Christmas decor for the year.


Similar Memory Book Here

Have a great New Year’s Eve!

-XxOo Spoiled Gal

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