The Beauty in Holiday Decor…

It’s been a while. Somehow, my beloved October breezed by with only a couple post. If it’s the thought that counts, here’s what I meant to post about. My love for fall and October. My anniversary (9 years- we went horseback riding, it was so relaxing) and DIY Halloween costumes. There, that catches me up!  My mind, heart and calendar have been so full the last month. I’m looking forward to sharing what’s been keeping me so busy, aside from my 3 crazy-daisy-cute babes, but I’m not ready to give out all the details yet (have to keep you on your toes.) Here are a couple teasers- I had the privilege of interviewing for a book by a prestigious author, my husband and I both were able to observe a major surgery IN the operating room, AND I worked my last wedding. What a month.

This weekend we took pictures for our Christmas cards. I wanted to get a couple shots of the kids on the front porch so up went (some) of the Christmas décor. I did a little DIY and it turned out pretty cute so I wanted to share! ** My neighbor was so cute, last night he walked by and said “someone is an eager beaver” I promised him I wasn’t nuts, just needed a faux-December backdrop for our picture 😉


FIRST- We had a ton of the fake pre-lit garland but it looked so…fake once I put it up, so I got crafty. I picked a bunch of magnolia leaves from the tree in our back yard and since everything  is better metallic, spray painted about half of them silver. Then I used floral wire to bind together 3 leaves. I attached the trios randomly to the existing garland.


SECOND- I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had seen the large plastic Christmas ornaments out anywhere. I kid you not, I got countless messages and texts with pictures of where I could get the ornaments. It was so sweet. I ended up finding the one’s I used at The Dollar Tree. In case you don’t already know, I’m fancy-frugal. Using twine and thumb tacks I pinned them to the roof entry way of our porch.


THIRD- I went to Lowes and found the most wintry plants I could to put in the urns flanking both the front door as well as the front steps.  I asked my mom to plant them, lucky for me she did! I had bought metallic (it’s the theme of our house, my life etc) picks as well at the dollar store and my mom put those along with silver spray painted Pine Cones and trimmings from a pine tree into the urn. They turned out oh so Martha, thanks Mom.

img_1281 img_1284

LASTLY- I bought all different sizes of Christmas ornaments as well as a round branch-like wreath and glue glue glued the ornaments onto the wreath.


I put out a couple nut crackers we had and it was just enough to doll up the house for Christmas cards. The weekend after Thanksgiving I’ll finish the front of the house and start the inside (yay!)

Early for Christmas, I know, but if you’re like me and already planning for December try some of my DIYs!

Now go raid the dollar store! 😉

XxOo Spoiled Gal

Tuesday Quick Tip…

stilletoHow many gals are intimidated by wearing heels, especially for a long period of time? The answer- a lot! I hear it all the time “I don’t know how you are wearing heels, I could never!” The truth is that after my third baby, I don’t wear heels as often as I used to but I do still wear them at least once a week. There is a little trick to making your heels feel more comfortable as well as keeping your balance. Trust me, I am as clumsy as they come, so if I can put on a pair of 2.5″ heeled booties and go the grocery store, so can you! Continue reading “Tuesday Quick Tip…”

T.G.I…Friday Favorite

faMy favorite this week is so *Fall Worthy* nails, nails, nails. I found a new formula that actually does what it says.  My nails are super shiny and chip free! Also, the liquid went on a little thicker than traditional nail polish so it was quick and easy. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a two step process. Fist the color, then the top coat.  You don’t need a light to “cure” the gel, so there’s no harmful UV damage to your hands. My FALL fav is the color HEAD BANG. You’re going to love it!

*Click my picture to send you to the link, both the color and top coat cost less than 1 manicure! You know I love a deal!


Au Revoir September, and hello to October, my favorite month of the year!

XxOo Spoiled Gal


The Beauty In No Make Up…

fullsizerender-26Just kidding. The beauty in no make up-make up is more like it. Probably the question i’m asked most often from people who see me regularly is “do you ever leave the house without make up?” In short- the answer is no. BUT I can assure you I am not doing three different school pick ups with false eyelashes and perfectly applied lipstick. With a few products you can have a polished, natural look that takes 5 minutes and feels great all day long. Here are my favorite products to achieve a no make up look… Continue reading “The Beauty In No Make Up…”

TUESDAY Quick Tip…

Today’s tip isn’t about beauty or hair but it’s something EVERYONE should know. One of my many amazing neighbors is a firefighter/parametric. He and his wife have 4 sweet kids that we adore. This weekend I was out front when he got home from his work week and we started chatting about how it’s hard disconnecting yourself between work and home especially after some of the traumatic calls he goes on. Without giving me too many details he told me a story about a call he had went on, then he gave me the advice I have to share with you. Continue reading “TUESDAY Quick Tip…”

TUESDAY Quick Tip…

I know i’m a day late but Tuesday Quick Tip has a nice ring to it!  Today’s tip isn’t exactly new. If you follow my Instagram feed (SpoiledGalBeauty) then this tip will be a repeat but it’s definitely worth over sharing!

Remember that song : “I know a girl who thinks of ghosts She’ll make ya breakfast she’ll make ya toast But she don’t use butter And she don’t use cheese She don’t use jelly Or any of these She uses Vaseline Vaseline”   Continue reading “TUESDAY Quick Tip…”

T.G.I…Friday Favorite

SHELLToday I was thinking about the make up I’ve worn over the years. Then I started to think what my Friday Favorite would have been years ago…at the very same time, while I was driving, my gas light came on. Grrr. Instantly my vintage Friday Favorite popped into my mind. The Shell Station on Montalban St. in San Luis Obispo. Let me tell you why. FULL.SERVICE.FILL UP. I’d pull my Silver Honda Civic in, completely ignoring the extra charge, Brandon the gas boy, would come out fill my tank and wash my window and I would drive away. Ahh. I miss you Brandon, wherever you are and Full Service Gas, you were a luxury I didn’t appreciate enough! Continue reading “T.G.I…Friday Favorite”

The Beauty in Fabric…

fabriccolorFor some reason, I have always loved fabric.  I am drawn to muted colors, soft patterns and most importantly the feel of the fabric itself. My love for fabric extends past the cut counter; I am a dedicated gal when it comes to protecting my fabric! Here are my secrets for keeping the fabrics in your home as well as your clothes, looking and smelling amazing!


IMG_9982Something I am constantly complimented on is my laundry. It’s MY THING. Aside from one close girlfriend (you know who you are, love you!), I may just have the best smelling, and softest laundry around. I love the smell and feel of freshy-fresh laundry, and I actually love the chore of doing the wash. I am very particular when it comes to sorting my clothes as well how they are washed and with what products. I call it my “routine.” Here’s my secret to keeping your clothes from fading or shrinking while also smelling AMAZING.

  1. Sorting “lights” and “darks” is not enough. I sort into 6 piles. Whites: Anything that is 90% white and made of similar material. Darks: Blues, greys, greens, you get it. Lights: Tans, pinks, yellows. Jeansonly wash jeans with jeans. Always turn them inside out to keep them from fading. Towels/sheets: I combine these two when washing towels and sheets of the same color, the reason is that this is the only load I was in HOT water. Delicate: This includes, but is not limited to bras, panties, anything that says hand wash, and anything that has tassels or ties.
  2. Washing. I wash everything except towels and sheets in cold water. This is crucial! You can get away with washing whites in warm water but be sure there’s nothing that will shrink. By washing your clothes in cold they will keep their shape and color much longer. For towels and sheets I often use the “sanitize” setting. Dedicates I use the “hand wash” setting and No or Low spin cycle. Also, for delicates, bras can be washed in the hand wash cycle but you absolutely need to put them in a mesh bag to protect their shape.  If your machine has an agitator, you’ll have to hand wash your bras in the sink.MESHBAG
  3. Products. My tried and true detergent is Gain. I’ve tried a couple of other products from time to time but never love them as much as my Gain. Downy. I use a cap full, every load. This will cut down on static, help keep colors true, help keep shape and you can’t beat the feel. Other fabric softeners don’t come close to Downy. Downy UnStoppable Beads- My girlfriend turned me on to these when they first came out. OH man, they’re amazing. I use a cap full in every load. Bounce. I use 3-5 sheets in every load except towels. If you use Bounce with your towels they will repel water.   81UjB-t1S9L._SX522_
  4. Drying. Ok, this is a biggy. When in doubt don’t dry. Jeans-hang. Sweaters-lie flat. Bras-please do not put them in the dryer, ever! Dresses, hang. The dryer is the Devil when it comes to keeping your clothes looking nice. Stick to cotton materials, towels and sheets only in the dryer.

I usually do at least a load of laundry a day so I don’t have a back up of clothes at the end of the week. Try my routine, you’re going to LOVE it!



Did you know you need to care for the fabric your shoes are made of? I am a crazy Scotchguard spray girl with my shoes. Any suede, even faux suede gets spray spray sprayed away. Your shoes will last so much longer if you spray them prior to the first wear. I usually do 3 coats of spray. Evenly coating each shoe and letting dry between coats will do the job. This little step which takes 1 day (let them dry over night before wearing) will add so much life to your kicks. Bootie season is upon us…I couldn’t help myself…3 new pairs all sprayed and ready for a cool down in weather!



IMG_9980   IMG_9979

This is my newest addiction. Scotchguarding the house. I was recently at my girlfriend’s who had two cans of Scotchguard on her kitchen counter. I had just ordered the fabric protector but didn’t even know the carpet protector exited! Holy Hallelujah I was excited! Thanks to Amazon prime, I got my cans in two days and now my whole house is spill proof! I highly recommend spraying your furniture and rugs. It takes little effort, dries quickly and will keep your home looking nice for years. I did 3 coats on our dining room chairs and carpet, living room chairs and carpet, and the window seat cushion…so far.  If you’ve had your furniture for a while it’s not too late. Vacuum each piece, and spot clean any areas then spray away!



I can’t wait to hear how much you love slipping into your soft, yummy smelling sheets after trying my routine! And as far as your house goes, go ahead, invite the neighbors over for red wine and spagettii!

XxOo Spoiled Gal


*as always, click the pictures to take you directly to the link. As always again, I am not getting paid to tell you this…I genuinely love these things and want to share their greatness! Also…the cute bootiess are all from one of my favorite boutiques, Vici, clicking the link will take you there! XO